Short courses

Short CourseDurationCost
Change Management6 weeks600,000
Personal Management6 weeks600,000
Leadership & Leadership skills6 weeks600,000
Accounting & Records management6 weeks600,000
Financial Management6 weeks600,000
Management of Cooperative Societies/SAACO6 weeks600,000
Fundamentals of Land Property Management6 weeks600,000
Front Desk & Office Skills6 weeks600,000
Performance Management6 weeks600,000
Entrepreneurship Skill Development6 weeks600,000
Islamic Banking, Finance & Insurance6 weeks600,000
Computer Skills6 weeks600,000
LanguageDuration per levelCost per level
English for Higher Learning6 weeks350,000
French6 weeks450,000
Germany6 weeks450,000
Chinese6 weeks450,000
Swhahili6 weeks450,000
Arabic6 weeks450,000