Faculty of Business Adminstration

With nearly 81 faculty members and a low 1-to-18 faculty-student ratio, Avance International University undergraduates have exceptional access to the scientists, artists, writers, clinicians, educators and innovators whose work shapes our world.

Be innovative

The Avance International University Innovation Center is a place for collaboration, education and incubation that brings together industry, educators and students to find solutions to real-world problems. Staff and Students use the RAD Lab (Research Accelerator for Development) as an Innovation Hub for Development.

Avance International University educates leaders for the global economy of the future. The Faculty of Business Administration reinforces the core disciplines — Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics and Statistics, Information and Secretarial Sciences, Marketing and Cooperatives Management, Transport and Logistics Management, Land and Property Management and Public Sector Management — with solid, real-world experience. For students whose career goals expand beyond one area of study, AIU offers joint degree options that combine business with public health, economics, management information systems and education.

Undergraduate programmes

  • BBA – Marketing & Co-operatives Management
  • BBA – Land & Property Management
  • BBA – International Business
  • BBA – Accounting
  • BBA – Finance
  • BBA – Public Sector Management
  • BBA – Economics & Statistics
  • BBA – Management & Human Relations
  • BBA – Front Desk & Office Management
  • BBA – Transport & Logistic Management
  • Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma programmes

  • Business Administration – Accounting & Finance
  • Business Administration – Co-operatives & Financial Services
  • Business Administration – Economics & Statistics
  • Business Administration – Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration – Front Desk & Office Management


Certificate programmes

  • Certificate in Business Administration

National Certificates in Business Management

  • Uganda National Certificate in Accountancy
  • National Certificate in Business Management
  • National Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  • National Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  • Uganda Certificate in Library and Information Science