Faculty of Business Administration & ICT

Department of Business Administration

ProgrammesE.Africans (UGX)InternationalDuration
BBA-Marketing & Co-operatives990,000$4803 years
BBA-Land & Property Management990,000$4803 years
BBA-International Business990,000$4803 years
BBA-Sports Management990,000$4803 years
BBA-Accounting990,000$4803 years
BBA-Finance990,000$4803 years
BBA-Public Sector Management990,000$4803 years
BBA-Management & Human Relations990,000$4803 years
BBA-Front Desk & Office Management990,000$4803 years
BBA-Transport & Logistic Management990,000$4803 years
Diploma in Business Administration780,000$2502 years
Certificate in Business Administration590,000$2002 years
National Certificate in Accounting590,000$2002 years
National Certificate in Business studies590,000$2002 years
National Certificate in Secretarial studies590,000$2002 years
National Certificate in Library & Information science590,000$2002 years
National Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies Mgt590,000$2002 years

Department of ICT

ProgrammesE.Africans (UGX)InternationalDuration
Bachelor of Information Technology1,200,000$5803 years
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science1,200,000$5803 years
Bachelor of Data Communications & Computer Networks1,200,000$5803 years
Bachelor in Graphics Communication Design1,090,000$5803 years
Diploma in Information Technology820,000$3502 years
Diploma in in Computer Science820,000$3502 years
Diploma in Data Communications & Computer Networks820,000$3502 years
Diploma in Graphic Communication Design820,000$3202 years
Certificate in 2D & 3D Animation590,000$2002 years
Certificate in Computer Studies590,000$2002 years
Certificate in Interior Design & Landscaping590,000$2002 years

International Foundation Programme (IFP)

ProgrammesE.Africans (UGX)InternationalDuration
Avance Higher Education Certificate1,100,000$3001 year1

Faculty of Education

ProgrammesE.Africans (UGX)InternationalDuration
Certificate in Early Childhood Development470,000$1501 year

Faculty of Engineering

ProgrammesE.Africans (UGX)InternationalDuration
Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery980,000$4802 years
Certificate in Welding & Metal Fabrication980,000$4802 years
Certificate in Plumbing & Pipe Fabrication980,000$4802 years
Certificate in Electronic Installation & Repairs980,000$4802 years
Certificate in Auto Mechanics980,000$4802 years
Certificate in Brick laying & Craftsmanship980,000$4802 years